Goair provides comprehensive welding services, we pride ourselves on our experience and quality welding workship We are committed to maintaining our industry wide reputation for premium, cost effective welding solutions. Goair Products holds a CASA approved Welding Authority for Type 2 – Braze and Type 5 – Gas Tungsten Arc welding. In addition to the aviation welding industry, Goair Products can supply welding service for various industry specifications and applications including, but not limited to, General Commercial, Marine and Building sectors.

Goair Products Welding expertise includes;

  1. TIG Welding
  2. PLASMA Cutting
  4. ELECTRIC Stick

Welding can be performed for the following materials;

  1. Aluminium Alloys
  2. Stainless
  3. Nickel Alloys
  4. Inconel
  5. Titanium
  6. Chrome Moly

Goair Products has extensive experience in the following welding applications;

  1. Air-conditioning Systems (aviation and non-aviation)
  2. Ferry/Fuel Tanks
  3. Mufflers
  4. Combustion Heaters
  5. Engine Heat Shields
  6. Freight Systems
  7. Oil Tanks
  8. Engine Mounts
  9. Welded Airframes
  10. EMS Equipment
  11. Undercarriage components

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